HA DPG - CSG Stipend Opportunity

Sunday, April 10, 2022 - Thursday, May 12, 2022

Interested in taking the CSG exam?

HA DPG is offering 5 stipends to help cover the exam costs!  Plus you'll have access to the CSG resources offered by HA DPG.

Applications accepted until May 12th.

Apply here.

- Stipends are available to current HA DPG members only.
- Stipends are available to those who have not purchased the exam already.

Contact Information:

Healthy Aging DPG

Apply now for a CSG stipend!

Healthy Aging DPG wants to help you reach your goal!

CSG Study Flashcards and Videos Available!

Learn more about our CSG Study Flashcards and skills review videos.

The skills review videos are available for CPEU!

We hope you are joining us at the 2022 Virtual Conference

HA DPG's 2022 Virtual Conference is in early May.  Missed registering?  Self-study sessions will be available by May 17th!