Healthy Aging Podcasts

Healthy Aging is pleased to present a series of podcasts, hosted by HA DPG Executive Committee member, Jacob Mey, PhD, RD.

Podcasts are a HA DPG member benefit - if you're not a member, listen to one of our most popular podcasts on frailty and malnutrition here.

Find all podcasts here.

And new!  We're adding a series of COVID-19 podcasts.

We hope you enjoy them!

Our podcasts are hosted and produced by HA DPG Executive Committee member, Jake Mey, PhD, RD.  Interested in being on a podcast?  Have an idea for a podcast?  Contact Jake here.




Listen in - HA DPG Podcasts

Did you know HA DPG has a podcast series?  Including 2 podcasts focused on COVID-19!

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CSG Study Flashcards and Videos Available!

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The skills review videos are available for CPEU!

COVID-19 Resources

The Academy has both professional and client/consumer resources related to COVID-19.